Baby Steps in a World so Demanding



So, you want to start dieting. You walk past a mirror one day and get a glimpse of yourself. You squeeze your stomach. You poke at your thighs. You sigh at your hips. And most of all, your butt makes you uncomfortable. You stand there in the mirror disturbed by what you see. You go and try to fit in to your favorite jeans, they don’t fit. You squeeze in to that tight fitted dress you used to wear, but now it reveals all your dimples. You sigh. You get frustrated. You throw the clothes down.

As you’re cleaning up one day you, you notice how out of breath you are just from going to one room to the next. You walk past the mirror again, this time your face is full of sweat. You wipe the sweat off and say to yourself, “It’s time. I have got to lose this weight.” You start by exercising every day. You notice a small change, then all of a sudden it gets stagnant. The weight isn’t leaving. You start reading online articles, blogs, and nutrition sites to help with your journey. You’ve changed your food choices, and gotten a hold on your cravings. Still your progress is stagnant. You get frustrated. You give up.

In your quest for dieting and getting to your ideal weight, it’s about having the right mindset. This means your mind should be free from negativity. Negativity is detrimental to your health. This is the first step in ensuring you can reach your weight loss goal. When I say removing negativity from your mind, I mean weak thoughts. Thoughts such as I can’t do this or I’m tired. Telling yourself you can’t is like trying to breath when buried under sand. You can’t do it. Telling yourself you can do it will create a positive force in your mind and keep the rest of you going. Telling yourself you’re tired will only limit your progression. Think of wanting to lose weight as a job. Of course you are tired, when you first wake up. You may even still be tired when you get to work. But, because you know you have to work, you will push yourself to stay awake, stay alert and get the job done. This is the same mindset to have towards exercising. This is what I like to call taking baby steps. Once we have positive energy flowing around, your mind will awake to it.

So remember, when you want to start dieting, take baby steps. Don’t rush in to it. Ease in to. Get comfortable with it. Pretty soon you’ll master it.


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