Expressing Your Soul Through Your Heart

Loving your you heart and soul is like loving apples and caramel. You can’t have one without the other. It’s a connection that speaks for itself. It’s an energy that ignites the fires. 

When someone takes your heart, your soul leaves with it. You become a hollow shell of yourself. You are lost in a world so familiar. Strange becomes the new reality. Living becomes a task.

Waking your soul is like lighting a fresh candle. It heightens your sense and wakes the room. You become alive and radiant. It dances through you like daisies in the wind. It’s a passion that overflows like a waterfall to a lake.

It’s music consuming the atmosphere. It’s like the smell of good food that makes your mouth water. 

Expressing your soul through your heart, should be done in all that you do. Whether it’s painting a picture, singing a song, or writing a book. Express yourself. Put your heart into it. Feel the passion for it. Make it come alive. Most of all, make sure it’s a true representation of you.


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