Pleasure Paradise


vlpp-affiliate-pagePleasure is the sensation of being in ecstascy. It’s feeling free. Being free. Going to a pleasure paradise is the freedom to enjoy life as you please. Doing all the things you want without the constant watch of anyone else. Pleasure is fading in to a paradise all of your own, and never having to wonder what someone else is thinking. What they’re doing. What they’re saying.

One day I dream of being able to relax on a beach of white sand as the water sings sweet music to my ears. The winds caress my skin. The sun radiates a glow that shines so bright. I dream of heaven sents. I dream of traveling the world to explore new life. Explore new cultures. I dream of adventures beyond my wildest measures.

I often fantasize about the wonders of the world. The hidden treasures of the earth. The lands no one dare to explore. The seas no one dares to swim. I think of ways to release this energy and be free. Free from the world. Free from the constant judgement of people. I often wonder how to be free from myself. The harsh critique of my wrong doing.

I often dream my pleasure paradise is filled with blue skies. Not a cloud insight. A true paradise where the people are in tune with their own minds. Their own bodies. Their own souls. A paradise where people aren’t afraid to be intellects. Search the depths of themselves and bring them to new levels. A paradise where all the people are beautiful. No matter their shape, their size, or color. Everyone is free to express themselves. A paradise of people who come and go as they please.

Oh what pleasure that would bring. What sweet sweet ecstascy we would live in.


This was written in response to

Pleasure is in all of us. Just explore different channels to release it.





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