Fun Facts: Inspired by Me

Fun Fact no. 1- I love the color purple. Have always loved the color since I was a little girl. Now, purple doesn’t go with everything, so I have mix my colors up a bit, but for the most part I have tons of purple items. I have several purple water bottles, purple mouse and mouse pad, purple shirts and purple storage bins.

Fun Fact no. 2- I enjoy window shopping. Even though buying the things you want would be ideal, for me it’s not all about the buying. It’s about getting out of the house and getting new ideas. I’m not really a mall person, so department stores suits me better. I get creative ideas for DIYs. Sometimes I’ll buy things, but for the most part when I go in stores I window shop. My idea of retail therapy.

Fun Fact no. 3- Recipes have just become my favorite past-time. I used to be the oh so tired working mom, who thought it more convenient to pick up something instead of cooking. I got online one day found a recipe, prepared it, saw it came out the correct way and have been using recipes ever since.

Fun Fact no. 4- I’m a nerd. I read all sorts of articles. Topics range from healthcare, nutrition, science, news, culture, animals, and etc. I watch shows like How It’s Made and World’s Deadliest. Learning about the world around us intrigues me. I Google everything.

Fun Fact no. 5- I love handbags and wristlets. I have a whole collection of handbagsand wristlets from different stores. Some are high end brands and most are fashionable and affordable.

Fun Fact no. 6- I enjoy singing in the car and in the shower. Singing is a stress reliever for me. When I start singing and feeling the music, I feel a whole lot better. My mind is at ease and body relaxes. I’ve been singing since I was a little girl. I’ve sung in the choir and have done duets with my mother for church services.

Well, now you’ve learned a little about me, please feel free to share something about yourselves. I’ll bet we have somethings in common #everydayinspiration 


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