Learning to crawl Before you Walk


25756e5 Now that you have your mind set in the right direction and positive energy is flowing around, you feel as if you are ready to give it another try. You are ready to take that leap of faith once more and start dieting again. You have your motivational quotes, your music station, and you even have buddy system. Everything seems to be falling in to place. You have a set day that you plan your workouts on. You even went so far as creating a menu for everyday meals. You are now confident in yourself. You tell yourself “I got this. I can do this.” You go out there and put your plan in motion. You’re exercising, you’re getting a steady motion going, you’re moving to the grooving of your tunes. You’re doing good following your menu and reciting your motivational quotes. You go to step on the scale and that overwhelming feeling of anxiety hits you. You step off the scale and ask yourself “What could I still be doing wrong?” The answer? Your mind is still not up to par. Yes, you are on the right track with keeping positive energy flowing around you, but you still have to maintain it. You have to feel it. Some people have partial positive energy around them. What I mean is, they are only half way motivated. For example, you and your friends are preparing to go to a party. You plan to go out have a good time, enjoy yourself, and get lost in some music. Meanwhile your friends are only going to look cute, hope a few guys hit on them and babysit their drinks. Because you don’t want to look like an outcast, and seem like you’re doing too much, you follow them. You don’t dance at the party, you don’t enjoy yourself fully, and you only get lost in the moment, not the music. This is called partial positive energy. You plan to do something, but you don’t do it to it’s fullest potential. You plan to exercise and get motivated, but you don’t do it to it’s fullest potential. How do you change that, you ask? Well, the answer is simple. Evaluation. Evaluate what is causing you to have partial positive energy. Is it your buddy system? Maybe the people you’re working out with aren’t as motivated as you. Help them out. Be a team captain. Bring them up to your level so you all can have complete positive energy. Is it the music you’re listening to? Avoid slow music, as this puts you in an emotional state and slows you down. Stick with more upbeat steady tempos. This will ensure, your mind is stimulated and will force you to keep going. Could it be the types of exercises you’re doing? Switch them up. Be spontaneous. Don’t stick with just one exercise. You’ll only be motivated to do just that one. You won’t work your body to it’s fullest potential. Could it be the place you’re working out at? Yes a number of us have gym memberships, myself included. But, is this really motivational. Does this really inspire you to want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It could, and then it could also put a damper on your energy. Most gyms are closed off to the outside world as they must maintain a certain temperature in the building. Try hiking trails, football tracks, or just your sidewalk. Walk along the bridges. Maybe even the beach if you live near one. And if you are one of those people who like the more structured environment of the gym, try joining one of the classes. Get active more times than not.

Now you’d ask what about the days when you are just so tired that exercising is the furthest thing from your mind? That’s ok. This happens from time to time especially in us women as we go through our monthly menstrual cycle. There are other ways to exercise. Try yoga or even meditation. While not physically exercising your body, meditation stimulates your mind and frees your thoughts. Exercising your mind helps keep it clear and provide a daily balance between work and home. It allows you to forget about all the things bothering you. It allows you to put them out of your mind and focus only on breathing and meditating. Exercising your breathing helps you better control it on days you do exercise. But most importantly, all of these things makes for a good night’s sleep. It’s hard to sleep when you have a million and one things going through your mind at night. Night time should be your wind down time. Your body should be resting and so should your mind. A good nights rest is the key component to having complete positive energy around you. Cutting your sleep or not getting enough creates partial positive energy. You are motivated, yet your body is tired. You try to fight against it, so you do less than half of what you know you can do. Sort of like “I’m tired, so I’ll walk one mile then I’m finished.” That’s not complete positive energy. You know you can walk three maybe four miles a day, but because your sleeping habits are not in order, you only do what your body allows you to do. This is why when maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it’s not all about diet and exercise. There are many factors the play a major part in maintaining this lifestyle. 

Remember crawl before you can walk. Don’t rush into it. Take your time. It will come.



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