Budgeting Blues: 7 Tips To helping Your Pockets



Ever felt like money just leaves your hand as fast as you earn it? With all the household expenses, money just seems so tight? Well, here are a few tips that I use every day to help me with my budget.

First Tip: If you know how much money you make every pay check, then calculate all the bills you have to pay with that check. That way you’ll know what you have left. So many of us fall victim to creating a budget with our whole paycheck and we end up in a rutt. If you calculate your bills first, that’s money already spent and you don’t have to worry about that. Create a budget with what you have left over, this way you’ll be able to save because you’ll be less likely to overspend.

Second Tip: If you were anything like me, who ate out a lot out of convenience, then you know what it’s like to stretch that almighty dollar. I sat down one day and asked myself, why am I spending so much money? Just because you go to this place and order a value meal for this price or get one of the 4 for $4 meals, that still adds up. It’s cheaper to just go to the grocery store and cook. You are more than likely going to cook enough for everyone in the house. Some people in your house may not have a large appetite, so they won’t eat as much. This will ultimately result in left-overs. Take your lunch to work. And breakfast if you can. You’ll save a whole lot more money and be able to spend it on the things you need.

Third Tip: I know gas prices have been a steady game of tug-of-war over the past few years, but recently they have been steady. If you can fill your tank for the week. This too will save money as you don’t have to spend money every other day. If you can’t fill your tank, at least bring it to half. Depending on your car size, half a tank can last you through the week.

Fourth Tip: It’s ok to go out and have fun. Get away and enjoy some free time. That’s perfectly normal. But, try to stay within your budget. If you are going out to a restaurant with friends, create a budget before you leave. Have an idea of what you want to spend, and try an order things with this budget. If you’re going out of town, calculate the big things first such as rental car and gas, hotel, or plane tickets if flying. Set that money aside and see what you have left. Some people may think of this as cheap, I call it a life saver, try to bring snacks. Brining snacks along on the trip will cut down on the amount of money you’ll spend on food. This way if you’re an advid shopper like me, you can spend your money on the lastest pair of heels or that cute dress you’ve been eyeing since you’ve been there. If you do happen to eat out, order enough food so that it can last you for the next day. That way, you have one less meal to worry about.

Fifth Tip: Sell some things. If you have things laying around collecting dust or things you haven’t opened or used in some time, sell them. There’s always someone who could use what you don’t need. There’s a plethora of websites that you are able to sell your items on. Just to name a few, Offerup.com, Craigslist, Facebook, and newly introduced is Letgo.com. Besides who doesn’t want to make a few extra dollars.

Sixth Tip: Don’t be afraid to cut back if you have to. I know we all want to be able to keep up with the lastet reality t.v shows, but if it becomes to much of a hassle to maintain, cut back. Lower you’re cable bill. Evaluate the channels you watch against the channels you don’t watch. If you have children, I understand the importance of those cartoon channels as I am a mother myself. However, internet television is on the uprising. Companies like Netflix and Hulu offer a variety of the most popular reality television shows, along with the cartoon shows your children loves. Amazon also offers a device called the Firestick, that comes will all the pay channels such as HBO, Cinemax, Starz, and Showtime. If you have an Amazon account, I believe the service is free, just pay for the device.

Seventh Tip: Become a bargain shopper. I know most people like to go and get the more expensive brands, because they claim to be better. In reality you are paying for a name. If you can find an item that does whatever it is you’re looking for for a cheaper price, by all means go with the cheaper price. Most of the time these last longer than your name brand items. Now I’m not saying cheaper is always better, because sometimes you have to spend that extra money. But if you don’t have to spend that extra money, why spend it. Also use coupons and sales papers. A lot of stores use price matching to compete with their competitors. If you have a sales paper from another store and the store you’re in has the item you are looking for, look in the sales paper and see who has the better deal. If it’s cheaper in the sales paper from the other store, most likely the store you are in will sell it to you at that price.

If you try these seven tips, I promise you’ll notice a big difference. I know life can get hard and things happen. These tips will help get you on the right track. #completepositiveenergy 


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