Hair Hurts: 6 Tips to Easing the Pain


Having trouble maintaining beautiful healthy hair? Every time you comb or brush, it falls out in handfuls. This could be the result of lack of keratin. This is the main protein that helps with hair growth. There are several beauty products across the shelves that claim to help strengthen your hair. But lets be honest, how many of those products actually work? Most of the products that claim to have natural oils and minerals are mixed in with a lot of other chemicals that do the exact opposite to your hair. Ever looked at a lot of shampoo products that claim to leave your hair feeling healthy and prevents breakage? Majority of those products are mixed with other factory chemicals that can dry your hair out. Making it brittle and easier to fall out. Here’s a few tips to making your hair healthy again and possible saving you a lot of money.

Tip no.1: Refrain from using oil sheen. Most of these products contain alcohol and makes your scalp dry. If you deal with dry scalp, this can make it worse as it actually pulls moisture away from your hair. This leaves your scalp dry and itchy. Try using a natural oil, such as tea tree oil or vitamin E.

Tip no 2: If you are prone to using the flat iron a lot, try to stay away from store bought moisturizers. Use natural moisturizes such as shea butter. This adds shin to your hair and doesn’t burn or fry your hair.

Tip no 3: When washing your hair, try to use shampoos that don’t lather as much. I know the lather makes you feel as if you are working up a good shampoo, but this is not good for your hair. Your scalp produces natural oils to keep it moisturized. Shampoos that lather strips the hair of the natural oils leaving your hair dry and brittle.

Tip no 4: For my natural ladies, coconut oil can help a lot. Coconut oil keeps the scalp moisturized longer and does not weigh your hair down. Coconut oil is a light moisturized and is easily absorbed into the scalp. It doesn’t have a smell, so it won’t clash with your other hair care products.

Tip no 5: It is alright to shed hair. The average person sheds a hundred strands of hair a day. This is so the body can produce more healthier hair. So if you’ve worn your hair in a certain style for a prolonged period of time and you see a lot of hair in the comb once you’ve combed it out, don’t panic. It’s just dead hair. It has probably already begun to grow back. If you notice patches associated with the hair loss, then contact your beautician as she/he may be able to assist with this.

Tip no 6: Take multi-vitamins. This helps from the inside as your body absorbs the necessary nutrients from the vitamins and sends them where they need to go. Hair, skin, and nail vitamins are ideal. Vitamin E and aloe vera can help as well.

So ladies, if you’ve ever needed another alternative to shelved beauty products, check out these 6 tips. You’re guaranteed to see a difference




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  1. I really liked your post and found it very informative! I would suggest adding a few photos to make it a little more interesting 🙂


    1. dapowley says:

      Ok. Thank you. I usually do, I forgot this time


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