In Tune with your Spiritual Self


Ever wonder how things in your life hit a rough patch? A patch so rough, that it feels like a never ending cycle? Ever wonder why thing in your relationships are so rocky? Children acting out? Money not quite right? Well, the answer is simple. You have lost touch with your spiritual self. When things are going wrong, or we are facing a serious issue, we turn to people instead of turning to God. People will only give you opinionated advice. God will give you the advice you need. God expects for us to seek him in our time of need. This is why marriages remain stagnant, children are disobedient, family acting shady. When you seek God first, he will always lead you in the right direction. People will tell you things and have you making mistakes you will live to regret. Blaming yourself.

We shouldn’t only seek God when we hit a rough patch. We should seek God in all that we do. Even if things are on the up and up, seek God for advice on how to stay there. Keep you focused on him so that you don’t stray from the path God has put you. Never let the criticism of other sway your faith in God. If you believe he has allowed you to prevail, then keep that belief. No one can steer you away from God unless you let them.

Many people today don’t attend church on a regular basis, because of some belief or opinionated reasoning. A lot of people believe that church is just a big waste of time. Church is the Lord’s house. This is the house of anointing. The problem with a lot of people is they go to church for all the wrong reasons. Going to church to find a man. That is a myth. You would like to believe that finding a man in church would be a blessing. Because he’s in church he’s a man of Christ and he lives by the bible. Wrong! Just because you meet a man in church doesn’t make him ideal. Going to church to gossip about your neighbor or other people. Gossiping about people and the problems they are going through will only cause you to have problems. Thinking it’s alright to laugh at someone else’s pain, demean the troubles you have, will only make your troubles worse.

If people were going to church for all the right reasons, then you would get the full effect of God’s word. God will only work on you if he knows your heart is pure. When you are praying, make sure you feel the prayer in your heart. Make sure it’s a genuine prayer. That is the only way you will see your prayers answered and your blessing flow.

Another factor that deters people from their spiritual self  is false prophets. In this day and age, people use church as a means to lure people out of their money. They claim that God has given them the ability to heal you. I’m sure you’ve seen those advertisements on television about drinking spring water and it will heal or cure whatever ailment you have? Things like this can deter people from going to church. If you really sit down and look at these commercials and evaluate faith in Christ, the Lord does not charge a single dime to heal you. All he requires is that you believe in him and have faith that he can do all things. You don’t need to pay for God’s blessing, just pray and ask.

Remaining in tune with your spiritual self, can help you achieve your goal of complete positive energy. God will block out all negative spirits trying to rear their ugly heads. Steer clear of false judgement and opinions. Just ask yourself, how can they give judgement when you aren’t sure who they really are?

Remember, Satan was once an angel…….



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