Snack Time


So it’s the middle of the day and you are feeling kind of hungry. You’re probably at work and it’s not your lunch break yet so you decide to get snack to hold you over. Or let’s say you’re out and about and need a recharge. You decide to stop at your local convenient store and grab a snack. You’re standing at the vending machine, or walking up and down the aisle trying to decide what your taste buds are craving. Chips? Candy? Maybe even popcorn. You can’t decide, so you get everything. You get out to the car and convince yourself that if I eat just enough to fill me up I’ll be good. So you eat and you eat and you eat, and next thing you know the bag is gone. Now you have to wash it down with something. You grab a soda or juice. You made sure to grab one low in calories as this will balance out the number of calories taken by this snack. But are you truly looking at the full aspect of your snack? When dieting this is very important.

One bag of chips may have 140 calories per serving, but have 560 milligrams of sodium. This is way more than the daily recommend amount of sodium for your diet. Eating this much sodium in one setting will cause dehydration. If you live in hot humid climates like I do, then you know dehydration is the last thing you want to feel. This is almost equivalent to consuming 2 cups of salt. Imaging trying to get that down.

Secondly one piece of candy has around 200-260 calories, but have 26-36 grams of sugar. Again way more than the daily recommended amount for your diet. Candy can also cause sugar spikes in people who have insulin problems and those who don’t eat it on a daily basis. Candy also breaks down the enamal in your teeth causing them to become brittle and chip easily. Some candies can be packed full of sodium as well, maybe not as much as a bag of chips, but still over the daily recommended amount.

While popcorn can be a healthy snack, you have to becareful with store brands. They can have as much maybe more sodium as a bag of chips. Most popcorn contains butter, a dairy product, high in fat. If you are going to go for popcorn as a snack, it’s best to make your own. That way you can measure the amount of sodium and butter you put on it.

Some people may think there is no harm in drinking soda, I’m here to tell you, you are terribly misinformed. Even if it’s diet soda, it can still pack a punch. While they may lower the amont of sugar they put in it, it can still be high in calorie. Soda is detrimental to the kidneys as it contains acid. To much acid in the body can cause a bladder infection. It can also cause light patches on the skin. Soda is not a drink designed to hydrate you. In fact soda does the exact opposite. Why do you think after you drink a cup, a few hours later, you’re wanting more?



If you are going to snack during the day, try going for more for lighter foods, as snacks are designed to be just that a snack. They aren’t designed to take the place of a meal.

Craving something sweet? Try a piece of fruit such as an orange, or banana. Oranges are filled with vitamin C. Just becareful with oranges as they contain citric acid. They can also put a strain on the kidneys. Bananas are a good source of fiber and potassium and only contains 70 calories. As with any fruit it should be eaten in moderation. It contains a high amount of sugar.

You can try yogurt. I’d recommend sweetening yogurt yourself, as many story brands come with added sugar and aspartame. If you are going to put fruit in the yogurt, use granola to help sweeten it or even honey.

Some may even go for fruit snacks. I strongly suggest you choose wisely when it comes to these, simply because they can contain as much sugar as a bag of candy.

Feeling thirsty, water, water, water. Water is very filling and can curb your apetite. If you feel hungry, try drinking water. Often times your body will confuse hunger and dehydration. If you drink water and feel full afterwards, then you were dehydrated. Want to add a sweet spin on it, try coconut water. It has a unique taste, but it is naturally sweetened.

So next time you feel the urge to snack, try the compare and contrast method. Overall good health or let the pounds pack on.



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