To Be or Not to Be…..

Procrastination can be the death of all of us. We have all been guilty of it at some point in time in our lives. Whether it’s putting off a report that was due at work, or fix that bald tire on your car. Whatever the case may be, procrastination has involved itself in our lives at some point. Some people believe that procrastination is a bad thing; however, I believe it is the exact opposite. Now, that does depend on the situation at hand. For now, we are going to look at the effects of procrastination on creativity.

So let’s say you’re a writer. You are thinking of creative ideas for your next story. You are thinking of character names, the plot, the setting, all of the that. You tell yourself, you are going to write it this weekend. The weekend comes and you haven’t written so much as the word “the.”  You tell yourself, I’ll find time during the week to write. The week has come and almost gone. You make it point to write on the weekend. But now, while you’ve put off writing when you said you would, you have a new story plot. Some of your character names change, you even change the name of your book. The fact the you put off writing your book right away, helped you to tap deep into your creativity.

Let’s say you’re an artist. Rapper, singer, painter, or whatever. Let’s go with music on this one. You need inspiration for a new song. You are focused on getting this song out. You think and you think and you just can’t find that niche. You give up. You’ll think about it again at a later date. You still don’t feel inspired or compelled to write, so you keep putting it off. Then you wake up one morning and you finally have it. The meaning, the lyrics, the beat, the everything. It’s the perfect song. Number one on the radio. See how procrastinating help spark your creativity. Putting off something you can do today until tomorrow can be beneficial to your creativity.

So if you’re not sure if procrastination is essential to creativity, ask yourself, is it something you have to let flow or is it something you can just jump head first in to.

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  1. I’m the worst procrastinator. Any tips?


    1. dapowley says:

      If its a project you’re working on, then jot down some ideas. Recite them and let the strongest one speak to you. In my writings I procrastinate because I allow my creativity to give me options. Allow your procrastination to give you options

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