False Pretense



So, in your weight loss journey, you start to get discouraged because you feel you aren’t seeing the results you want. You cut back on your diet tremendously. You have even resulted in not eating some times. Figuring if you don’t eat, you’ll lose the weight faster. Let me tell you, that is a very false misconception. Food is not what makes us gain weight. It is the way we eat and how we eat that contributes to weight gain. Here we will explore some common myths about not eating the proper way.

First lets understand that dieting is 20% exercise and 80% food. This means food plays a major role in weight loss. Although exercising is good, as it has many benefits on the cardiovascular and circulation system, it cannot aid in weight loss alone. Exercising tones your body and defines your muscles. It produces healthy blood as your heart race increases. It releases feel good endorphines and dopamine to enhance the brain. Exercising also cause you to sweat which releases the toxins from your body. But if you aren’t eating a proper diet, it can be hard to exercise.

Just because exercising burns off calories and rids your body of harmful toxins, doesn’t mean you don’t need to eat. Not eating actually defeats the purpose of exercising. When you don’t eat your body holds on to fat. It pulls nutrients from the fat so that your body is able to function properly. You body already stores fat as cushions for your organs and for women as cushions for your baby. Why make your body store anymore fat that what is needed? When you don’t get the proper nutrients your body needs, certain organs start to malfunction. For instance, water is the key thing that cleans your kidneys. Not getting enough of it can cause kidney failure. It can cause bladder infections, kidney stones and even constipation. 


Not eating a proper diet can and will cause constipation. Your kidneys is the first step in breaking down the foods that we eat. Once it’s broken down, it is sent to various parts of the body for the organ to obtain the nutrient it needs, then it’s sent to the large intestine where it sits until you have a bowel movement. Once it’s time to have a bowel movement, a signal is sent to the brain letting you know it’s time. But, when you get ready to go, nothing comes or it’s hard to come out. Why is this? When you are dehydrated, your intestines will absorb water from the stools causing them become hard or dry, making them harder to pass. Constipation can cause tears in the rectum and anal sphincter. It can cause polyps, bloody stools, and well and hemorrhoids. Try dealing with that everyday.


Another common cause of constipation is lack of fiber. Fiber helps make stools bulky and moist so that they are easier to pass. Your gall bladder produces a liquid called bile that helps with this. It lubricates the anal sphincter and rectum so they can pass with ease. Not getting enough fiber can cause stools to become hard as well. Your body can’t digest fiber, so this helps with passing waste along through the digestive tract. Not sure which food contain fiber? Try oatmeal, beans, most vegetables, whole wheat products, and some cereals.

Cutting back on eating can cause other problems like headaches, water retention, and blood pressure issues. All of these reactions, are your body trying to cope with the sudden change and loss of essential nutrients. Not getting enough nutrients can cause acne and skin problems as well. Some of the food you eat contains keratin which a vital mineral your body uses to maintain healthy hair, skin, and nails.

For women, not getting the proper nutrients can take a toll on our private areas as well. We’ve all heard about how certain products we use on our bodies, can throw off your pH balance,but what about the stuff you are or aren’t putting in your body? We all know not drinking enough water can cause a yeast infection, but not getting the proper minerals and vitamins from the foods you eat can also cause this. Consuming alcohol in excessive amounts can cause this as well, since most alcohols are made with yeast as a main ingredient. Not only that alcohol is more detrimental to women than men as they have more body mass. Not only that men don’t carry babies. 

Last but not least, eating gives your body energy. Energy to get you through the day. If you don’t eat, the energy your body does have, will be so busy breaking down what little food you do put in it, that you won’t have energy for anything else. In order to keep your energy charged, you need to eat. Eating is essential to dieting. Not eating can cause weight gain, not weight loss. This essential especially to women over 35. The older you get the slower your metabolism gets, so it is important that you eat right and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So the next time you step on the scale and the weight is stagnant, that’s ok. Just remember all of your weight is not just fat. Some or most of it is muscle. Feeling hungry after a workout? Before you go to the pizza joint around the corner, ask yourself did I just burn off all of those calories just to put them back on? Don’t get discouraged on your journey. Losing weight is a journey. It’s your journey, your story. Don’t let anyone deter you from it.

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