Friends, The True Ones


Family by experiences

Ready and willing to take on challenges with you

Initiates the fun and exciting things you do

Encourages you to never give up

Notices your imperfections, but still loves you

Deters you away from things that are harmful and detrimental to your well-being

Someone to share all of your secrets, tears, gossip, and happy moments with.


True friends are hard to come by,

They are loyal, trustworthy and even match your fly

You can tell your deepest secrets to them,

They will never leave you hanging on a lem

True friends can sense when something is wrong,

That’s why they are there to help keep you strong

You all may not speak everyday,

They always remind you they are never far way

When you find yourself in a bind,

They are your savior in the nick of time


#introtopoetry Hope you enjoy my version of friends. Still working on this poetry thing LOL



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