PMS Blues



Ladies, let’s face it. When that time of the month comes, we are like the Hulk. Ready to destroy any and everybody that gets in our path. We are emotional, hyper-sexual, irrational, and hormonal. Woman have various symptoms and different ways of dealing with the stress of their menstrual cycle. Here are a few tips for dealing with the stress of PMS.

First let’s define PMS: pre-menstrual syndrome- a group of symptoms linked to one’s menstrual cycle. They occur 1-2 weeks before you actually have your period. These symptoms include: breast tenderness, bloating, headaches, body aches, irritability, mood swings, anxiety etc. Many of us experience the more common symptoms associated with a menstrual cycle.

For breast tenderness, exercise really helps a lot. I know it sounds crazy, but exercise actually loosens the muscles of the breast as they move with your body. Another way to help with the tenderness is a warm shower. Try letting the shower act as a massage. If you’re heavy chested, you can hold them up to the shower and the water run on them. Another method is sex. Sex is considered an exercise. Again this allows the muscles in the breast to loosen some so as not to be so tender. 

If you are like me, you probably don’t believe in taking over-the-counter medicines. For the headache suffers, sex is a good way to get rid of them. Sex releases endorphin’s from the brain, a feel-good hormone. This helps ease the cortisone levels in your body, the main hormone that causes headaches. Exercise also helps with headaches. This too releases endorphin’s from the brain.

Bloating. One of my favorite symptoms of PMS. A good way to help with this is warm lemon water and honey. Honey of course to sweeten the lemon taste. Many people don’t know that lemons are a good diuretic. When you’re bloated, your body is mainly retaining water. The reason it should be warm, because it’s easier on the digestive tract this way. You shouldn’t experience any gas or discomfort. Warm lemon water is actually good for constipation as well. It wakes up the digestive tract and helps your gallbladder produce bile so you’re able to pass your stools easily.

Body aches can simply be solved with light movement. It doesn’t have to be rigorous activity. Go for a light walk or even a little house work. A warm shower will help ease your body as well.

For my irritability and mood swing sufferers, try music. This usually helps me find my balance. Try slow calm music. Not anything to loud or too fast. This will further irritate you. You can even try the sound of water, or car engine, or even the washing machine or dryer. I know these are crazy, but they all have a constant tempo. They are steady sounds. They can help mellow out your moods and ease your tension.

I’m not really knowledgeable of anxiety, so I can’t give much of advice there, but you can try yoga. This may help you find your balance and soothe you. Meditation maybe another good idea. Get in a quiet space and turn on something with a steady tempo. Close your eyes and try to clear your mind. Don’t think of anything. Forget about work, school, bills, etc. Just close your eyes.

So the next time you lash out at your co-worker, family member, kids, husband, boyfriend, just tell them that it’s not your fault. It’s life LOL. #completepositiveenergy


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