Wi-Fi Security



I recently bought a new laptop. I bought my daughter one as well. We all use the WiFi at home on our phones to keep from using up our data. One day while we were using the internet, I noticed it was moving really slow, on all of our devices. I cut my WiFi off on my phone to see if that helped. Then I cut the WiFi off on my tablet as well. It moved a little faster, but then got really slow again. I called Xfinity for someone to come out and take a look at the modem. When the guy came out, he showed me a list of people that were connected on my WiFi signal. I told the guy I didn’t recognize half of the devices that had been connected. He asked had I changed my WiFi password. I told him I had been using the series of numbers on the bottom of the modem. He told me that was the root of my problem. Those numbers are so universal, that the simplest of hackers could break that. I was really shocked at the number of people that had been using my internet. I changed my password to something more personal, that you would have to really know me in order to get it.

For anyone experiencing congestion on your WiFi signals, be sure to check out who’s logged into your WiFi connection. Your local provider should be able to run a test on it to see who’s using it. Changing your password will cut down on the number of people logging onto your connection. This will also prevent cyber theft, as that has been increasing in recent times. There are a number of us who store credit card data on our favorite websites, and a hacker can access that information if they are on your Wifi connection.

When changing your passwords, try not to use birthdates. Those are way to easy to crack. For suggestions on what to set your WiFi password as, try these below

  • Phone number- it can be work, or a relatives. Many hackers won’t think of typing in phone numbers as passwords. Try not to use your own number.
  • You could try using your street address. This will be a little more secure, as it contains a series of numbers and letters.
  • Look around you and see what stands out. This approach will most likely be very personal. They aren’t common so it’s harder to crack.
  • Random numbers or letters. Again this  isn’t common passwords for hackers so it’s harder to crack. Just be sure to pick numbers and letters that you can remember. If you have to write them down keep it in a secure place.

It is imperative that you keep your WiFi connection secured. Cyber crimes are increasing more and more everyday. Even on your mobile devices. Always get on a secure network. This will ensure that your personal data is protected. If you’re able, purchase your own WiFi device, that way you can have your own WiFi on the go and protect it with a password.





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