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So while many people will disagree with me on this, in my own opinion, the presidential elects for this term are lacking. To me, this whole presidential election has been on big circus show. Again, I’m not one to really discuss politics on my sites, nor do I get real deep in conversation about them; however, this year it’s just hard to keep quiet. I’ve watched the debates, and bits and pieces of the RNC (republican national convention) and DNC (democratic national convention), and I must say I’m not impressed with either candidate. To be really honest, my whole feeling about this presidential election is sort of apathetic.

When people start to glorify an individual who finds solace in attacking one’s family just to bolster votes from people, that to me is a little indignant. To attack a person’s character is one thing (only because that’s what most politicians do anyway), but when you start to make it personal, I start to instantly think you know nothing about politics. Not only that, bullying your way to the top is just unprofessional. The presidential elect for the republican party is to me a disgrace to American culture. Again I know some or maybe most people will disagree with me on this and that’s perfectly alright with me. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. So we will agree to disagree. I do not agree with most, if not all of the things he’s said about how he will handle things if he’s elected to the white house.

Most people want to blame the Republican elect for all of the racially bias people coming out. No, they’ve already been there, they just needed a spokesperson. They just needed to know it was alright for them to reveal their true selves.

This man has made a mockery out of handicapped people, threatened to banish all muslims, and pretty much block all immigrants period. While I do believe that our current president has not done his part on the whole ISIS thing, I don’t believe you should single out one religion and blame them for everything going on.

As for the Democratic elect, I’m not sure she has what it takes to run this country either. Yes, she maybe a pillar for helping the less fortunates in the blacks, latina, and foreign communites, however that doesn’t necessarily qualifies you to have to the vast knowledge to run a whole country. Truth be told, the only reason she will win the race is because she’s a woman. America has never had a woman for a president.

She has a tendency to back out of things or step down from them when the fire gets too hot or it’s too much for her to handle. How do you suppose America will deal with a president that all of sudden decide that one day she no longer wants to do this? She’s going to resign and we will have to find another president. We can’t get mad. We voted her in.

While I know running for president is a task within itself, it really takes for a person to really sit down and review the in’s and out’s of this country. Really do your homework. Not just take everything at face value. People think whatever the president says, that’s what’s going to happen. Wrong. In order for anything to go into effect, it must first be past through Congress. Remember how many government shut downs we went through when the current U.S. President was trying to pass his Healthcare Law? Imagine how many we are going to go through if we put the wrong person in the office. Someone who has no knowledge what so ever of how to run a state, more or less a whole country. 

This is the turning point in all of our lives, because our livelihoods and future of our children will be based on the decisions made by our Presidents. We must do what it takes to make sure we put the right person in office. A person who is free from bias of any sort, race, religion, sex, orientation, etc.

We must make sure that our futures are free from hypocrisy. Telling us to stray away from one thing, while they are secretly doing the very thing they tell us to stray away from.

It must be free from judgement and persecution. No one wants to live in fear of being singled out, or having to watch over their shoulders to make sure no one is after them. Or being denied certain things because of what or who you believe in.

It’s time we open our eyes and really pay attention to what’s going on around us. Making sure our children aren’t being told half truths.


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  1. Enjoyed reading your post 🙂


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