15 Days of Lifestyle Changes

Starting to feel like you need a change in your life? Feeling like you’re stuck in a wrut? Well, let’s try and change that. Whether it’s health, beauty, relationship, or family. Let’s try and do things to make a change in our lifestyle. Over the next 15 days, I’ll be sharing things that I’ve changed to ensure that I have complete positive energy surrounding me. I explain the effects of this change and how it has helped or not helped me any. I’ll be counting backwards, so tune in everyday to keep up.

15. I bought a scale. So last week, while I was browsing around one of my favorite department stores, I noticed they had scales in there. I immediately walked over there to see if they had a purple one (my favorite color). When I found one, I put it in the basket and continued browsing. So, the reason for the scale, well it’s simple. I’ve been trying to maintain a healthy weight, and so far I’m doing good. I still want to shed a few pounds in the process, and eventually I will; however, buying this scale was the ultimate key. In order to know whether you are maintaining a healthy weight, you need to weigh in. Many of us are scared of the scale, and we’d rather imagine the results in our head. But, ask yourself, how effective is that? Not very. If you want to maintain a healthy weight or even loose weight, it makes perfect since to know your starting weight, this way you can keep track of your progress. I step on the scale every week. This is just for me to know whether or not my weight has remained consistent or changed. If it’s consistent, that’s alright for me. If it’s changed, well that depends. If it went up then I’m doing something wrong. If it went down, then I’m doing something right. Either way, having a scale is essential to being able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 


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