15 Days of Lifestyle Changes: Day 13

13. So for the past few days, I’ve been taking the stairs at work. I know, I know many people would cheer me on while sitting back saying something about how their knees or some other “medical” condition will prevent them from taking the stairs. The reason the word medical is in quotation marks is because majority of the people who do this don’t really have a reason as to why they can’t take the stairs, they just don’t want to. They would rather take the elevator or escalator, and then wonder why they don’t see any results in their journey for weightloss. They aren’t motivated enough. But, one would ask how do you encourage a person to get motivated? How do you jumpstart a person’s passion and impotus for wanting to live healthier? Simply, lead by example.

Taking the stairs can have many health benefits. Not only is it strenght training, it’s also good cardio. It gets the heart pumping so that you can get a healthy blood flow. It strengthens your calf muscles, and tone up your thighs. I take the stairs in the morning, so this completely wakes me up and jumpstarts my day. For those of us who sit behind a desk for eight or nine hours a day, any sort of exercise would be crucial in our every day routines. 



For those of us who use FitBit trackers or any other step tracker the stairs is also a great way to increase your steps. The American Heart Association states that every individual should get 10,000 steps in a day. Well looking at this number on a piece of paper seems like a lot. In actuality, it’s quite do-able. Just think of all the movement we do throughout the day. Once we leave our demanding jobs, there are errands to run, children to pick up and whatever else that may demand your attention. Ninety percent of the time, we are on our feet. From walking in the grocery store, to cleaning up the house. It’s all steps being counted towards that 10,000 step goal. If you work-out, that’s even better. You probably accomplish your steps and then some. One time, I walked closed to 11,000 steps in one day. A thousand steps more than the daily recommended.

Many people think of the stairs as the devil, but it aides in detoxing the body. That little mini sweat you accumulate after walking up stairs is your body’s way of cooling you down and detoxing. Sweat is the body’s natural “fan”. When you’re body reaches a certain temperature, you start to perspire to bring your body heat back down to where it should be. But have you really thought about what is in your sweat? That’s right, toxins. Sweating is also the body’s natural way for releasing harmful toxins from the body. Sweat also releases excessive amounts of water from the body so you are able to replenish it with fresh water. Just think of all the toxins your body would retain if we didn’t sweat. Disgusting right? Just another great benefit for taking the stairs.

So if you are looking for a more effective way to get to those 10,000 steps, try the stairs. I promise you won’t be let down.  Remember to have fun with the stairs. Try skipping a step. This helsp with your glutes and makes for a nice backside. It also strengthens the hips. 



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