15 Days of Lifestyle Changes: Day 14

14. So this past Saturday, I donated a lot of items to the Salvation Army. While I was sorting through the items I was planning to give away, I found a lot of things that still have the price tag attached. I would sit there and ponder on whether or not I should keep it. I would think long and hard about how useful it could be, or what I could do with it. I even thought about giving some things to my daughter. When I couldn’t come to a solution, I put it in the bag along with the other items I was going to donate. I guess by now you’re wondering how can donating things be a lifestyle change. Well I’m here to tell you, it’s the best lifestyle change you could ever make.



When your house is cluttered, nine times out of ten so is your life. Everything is so unorganized and off balance. Sometimes I can’t even function if my house is out of order. I come home every day and clean up. Whether it’s sweeping the floor, washing the dishes, or even cleaning out the bathtub. I must have my house in order. Most of these tasks are things that people designate for weekend choirs, and that’s fine. But, why wait until the weekend? It’s going to be gnawing at you all week until you do, and you won’t be able to think about anything else until whatever needs to be done, gets done. Same thing with your life. Life is much easier when things are in order.

 You’re able to sleep better when things are in order. You won’t be weighed down with the constant stress and worry about this or that needing to be finished. Not only that think of all the mental space you will clear up when your house is free from clutter. Your mind will be free from clutter. You will be able to think about other things like what to wear to the cocktail party you’re planning, or where you plan to go for your next vacation. Freeing your mental space can cut down on the amount of headaches you have as well. If you think about the main reason why we have headaches, it’s because something is bothering us. We’ve constantly thought about ways to handle it and ways to deal with it. The constant thinking and tugging at the thought can cause an overload of the stress hormone cortizone to be released and cause headaches. Granted some headaches are a medical situation, but majority of the time it’s caused by stress. You don’t need a medication to deal with stress. Just a clear and free mind. Clean house equals less worry and less stress.

Donating items also makes you feel good about yourself. It’s good to know that your donated items will go to someone less fortunate or unable to afford new items. You can rest easy at night knowing that you furnished someone’s first apartment, or helped prepare a person for their first job interview, or maybe even provided a child with a new toy. Just the very thought of that makes me feel content.



So if you ever wondered why you may feel agitated or irritated sometimes, it’s because some things in your house may need to go. It could be time for a change of scenery.


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