Online Dating: Good or Bad Idea

So, on yesterday while I was getting ready for work, I heard on the news about a young man who met a woman off of one of the popular online dating sites and was later killed. Apparently, he met the woman on the Plenty of Fish dating website, not sure how long they exchanged conversation, but he went to meet her and was greeted by her and two other men. This story really got to me, because he had a five year old daughter whom he’s never going to get to see grow up because of the senseless violence that befell him. I have to say, this almost sent a chill down my spine. I’ve used this dating website before, and thank God I have never been lured to my death by meeting someone from there. If this doesn’t make you wonder whether online dating is a good or bad idea, then I’m here to put a few things in perspective.


victim This is the young man who was murdered after meeting a woman on the Plenty of Fish website.


First thing about online dating is you should never assume a person is who they say they are. We’ve all seen the show Catfish that comes on MTv, and we know how that can go. People use sites like this to do a number of things. People will post fake profiles and fake pictures and tell you they are one thing when in actuality, they aren’t. They dress up their profiles to lure you to the page and spark up a conversation. The way I handle situations like this is to find them on Facebook. Nine times out of ten, if a person has an online dating account then they have a Facebook page. You can tell a fake Facebook page faster than you can an online dating account. If a person is who they say they are, then Facebook will surely confirm this.

Second thing about online dating is, never give out your personal information. This protects you from other predators who may possibly hack your WiFi and get your information. You never want to reveal too much of yourself via computer screen. Remember you technically don’t know them. You only know what they told you.

Thirdly, if you do meet someone off of these sites, never meet them alone. Go with a friend, suggest a double date. If they don’t agree to that, then don’t go. Meet them in a crowded area or well lit area where there are people around. This young man walked out the door to meet this woman with the intention on coming back to his daughter. That didn’t happen. If you feel something is not right when you arrive at the meeting place, then promptly leave. He was doing something innocent and harmless and he lost his life because of it.

I’m not saying online dating is a terrible way to meet people, it’s a great way to network and meet people, especially if you are too busy to go out and do it the traditional way. What I’m saying is be careful when using these sites. There are so many online dating sites from EHarmony,, to You never know the true intention of someone else. These are also great covers for pedophiles. If you have children make sure you are monitoring what and who they are talking to online. Too many children leave, never to be seen or heard from again. 

This wasn’t written to scare you out of online dating, this was written to raise awareness of the dangerous possibilities of online dating. If online dating is your thing, then by all means go for it. Like I said, it’s another great way to meet new people with different backgrounds from all walks of life. Just be careful. Never ever take someone to your house after meeting them online. Again you don’t know them, you only know what they tell you.


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