What Does Wiki Say About You?

Ever looked your name up on Google or Bing? Ever been curious about what you’d find? Most of the time, if you have a Facebook page, that would bee the first thing that would pop up. But, what about a Wikipedia profile? Ever thought about how cool it would be for Wikipedia to do a whole profile on you? I know a while ago, Wikipedia was under fire for posting mostly false information, but over the years, they have since corrected this and most of the stuff on there is pretty accurate.

While scrolling through Facebook, I came across this link that says what to Wiki say about you. Well, the curious me wanted to find out, so I clicked on it. I was actually pretty shocked at how accurate the personal profile was. Since I’m not able to post the picture of what it actually says, I’ll just type it below:

Denecia Anrews: A strong woman knows how to be a leader when there are problems in her life.

Delicate when enamored and selfless in her love, if a man is by her side she needs to feel loved, she needs someone who is faithful to her, because she will forget betrayal, much less infidelity….

Personal Motto: “The strongest trees growth the wind against them.”

Pretty cool, huh.  Want to see what Wiki thinks of you, simply click the link below and enjoy the fun.



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