Flat Tummy Tea: The New Diet Trend

Let’s face it, dieting has been a trending topic lately. I mean the word is every where. It’s in the grocery stores, the television shows, heck it’s even in the clothing stores. It’s like the new fashion trend. People talk about dieting like it’s a new hairstyle, or the latest pair of shoes. Anyone who has been keeping up with my blog, knows I’m all about dieting. But, I’m all about dieting the right way. The safer way. The more effective way. The way everyone seems to want to skip out on. 

There are so many shortcuts advertised on television, that people forget the key ingredient in dieting. Exercise! Many people believe that if you drink this or eat that without exercising, that you will magically have this hour glass figure and be the talk of the town. I’m here to tell you, you are sadly mistaken. Dieting is 80% what you eat and 10% exercising. The reason for this, why waste your time on a treadmill for hours at a time, if you are just going to turn around and eat a large chicken meal with a healthy slice of cake. It won’t work. Same goes for the latest weight loss gimmick. Flat Tummy Tea.

Sure we’ve all heard of herbal detox remedies to a flatter more leaner stomach and toned abs. Yes, we’ve heard them all. Many of us have gone so far as to try them to see if they truly claim to be what they say. But, why? Only to find out that you wasted tons of money and got no results. But, why is that? Why is it that these big named companies advertise these weight loss drinks, as if they will work for everyone. As if all you have to do is drink this and you’ll lose X amount of pounds in no time. Why, because it’s all about the almight dollar. They pick celebrities that already have toned and tight figures to advertise their product, and then go pull or even photo-shop an old picture of them and say that drinking their product is what helped them to achieve that nice figure. While it would be nice to drink a tea and instantly have a figure like Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez, I have to tell you, it’s not that easy.



When you read the labels on these teas, they promise to get rid of bloating and that sluggish feeling. It also says it’s a detox. That all sounds nice. Drink this tea, and all of my weight will be flushed down the toilet. Sounds easy enough. I can guarantee, it’s not. See what these companies fail to mention is that these celebs exercise. They all have personal trainers, and work out immensely. Many celebs workout six almost seven days a week. They have an image to maintain, so staying in shape is important to them. Although we would like to think that all they did was drink this tea and got that nice figure instantly, truth is, it just doesn’t happen that way. In order to obtain that nice shape, you are going to have to exercise. You are going to have to watch what you eat as well. It makes no sense to detox your body, then turn around and put the same foods back in it.

Another misconception that goes along with this tea are waist trainers. Many people today believe that drinking this tea in combination with wearing a waist trainer for hours at a time will ultimately pay off. No ma’am honey. It won’t actually wearing a waist trainer for hours at a time does more harm that good as you are actually squeezing the organs in your abdnomial region and pushing everything down. Waist trainers should really never be worn, but if you insist on wearing one, wear them only during your workout. They do have good lumbar and back support. Most of them are adjustable, so adjust them to your comfort level.

To clear up this misconception of the flat tummy tea, it is nothing more than an appetite suppressant. Yes, it claims to increase your metabolism, and boost energy. But, if you exercise, and eat more green leafy vegetables, this too can increase your metabolism and give you energy. It also claims to detox and reduce bloating. Warm lemon water can also help detox your body. The lemon acts as a diuretic and the water keeps your fuller longer and in between meals. It helps reduce bloating, yes, and so does Apple Cidar Vinegar. I’m sure you get the point I’m trying to make here. I’m not discrediting the effectiveness of this product, I’m merely pointing out that spending hundreds of dollars on a product like this makes no sense when you can create your own “flat tummy tea” concoction. It also makes no sense to spend that kind of money on this product if you aren’t going to exercise. It’s like trying to make a purchase in a store with your bank card and you know there is no money in the bank to clear the purchase. It’s going to decline. That’s what your weight is going to do. It’s going to decline to leave your body if you don’t do something to force it to leave.

So the next time you see a celeb pictured on Instagram or Facebook advertising this product, please be assured that flat tummy tea isn’t the only thing in their diet plan. Again, I’m not saying this product isn’t effective, I’m just saying it’s not effective alone. It is imperative that you read their website, because for those of you that do try it, it provides tips on how to make the product more effective. One of the tips are titled Work It, which emphasizes the fact that exercising must be done in order for you to see results.

Well, my daily rant is over. Please continue to follow my blog and feel free to comment. Later for now


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