In Living Color…..

About a week ago, I posted a picture of a rainbow that me and my daughter saw on the way to the grocery store. While scrolling through the Google Play store, I came across this app called Prisma. It lets you add vibrant colors to your pictures to give them a different feel. It’s amazing how the simple change of colors can change the whole meaning behind a picture. 


The color variations in this picture, takes a more darker tone. It’s absolutely stunning. The thought of a rainbow at night. Look at how the orange, red and yellow come together to almost make the image of a shooting star. The far off color variations also gives the notion that the sun is setting in the sky.



In this picture, it’s more eccentric. Notice how the begining of the rainbow looks almost like a lightening strike of colors. The clouds are more lively. They speak more volumes in this picture. The trees are more noticebale. This too is stunning.


It’s absolutely electrifying when a little splash of color can give your whole picture more life than the original.

Tell me what you think the pictures say to you. All comments are welcome. 🙂



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