So for all of my workout fanatics out there, I’m sure you’ve done yoga at some point in your daily routine. Well yesterday, was my first time trying yoga, and I have to say it’s the best thing I’ve tried since sliced sushi. 

Lately, I’ve started following a 15 day model workout plan by a well-known fitness instructor on social media. One of the workouts were titled Yoga and Chill. When I was reading over all of the details of this fitness plan, and everything that would be taking place, I was a little thrown off by the Yoga. Keep in mind I have never tried Yoga, and after hearing how badly it hurts, I wasn’t interested in trying it.

After the first few days of this workout, my body was so sore. Everything was so tight. It hurt like heck just to lift one leg up off the floor. I did everything from self massaging, to walking as much as I could to loosening my body. Nothing worked. Everything seemed to get tighter. Now I know getting everything tight is the objective, but I seriously could have did without the soreness.

When I came up on day 5 of the plan,  I was tempted to skip this section, because I didn’t see the point. I wasn’t sure how Yoga was going to help me acheive my weightloss goal. Despite my desire to skip this exercise, I listened to it anyway. I watched the video, as she showed the proper way to perform these exercises. After a few minutes of watching, I restarted the video and attempted to do them myself. I must say while everything was still sore, Yoga helped out 100%. It helped me stretch those muscles that were too tight. It focuses on your breathing, and it helps you with posture. When I was finished with that exercise, I felt so much better and was so relaxed.

If you’re curious about this workout plan, I’ve provided the links below. Please feel free to sign up or just get involved. All of the workouts are provided.



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