Why Beyoncé?

‘So lately, there’s been a lot of controversy about Mrs. Knowles-Carter performing at the Country Music Awards (CMAs). There’s been a lot of criticism, harsh comments, and negativity thrown her way. But, the question is why? Why so much “shade” and harshness towards her? Is it because she’s Beyoncé? Or is it because some people feel her music doesn’t compare to that of the country music genre. Whatever the case may be, it’s unnecessary.

Beyoncé has performed for many people around the globe. She’s one of the most powerful women on this earth. She’s given lots of women empowerment and a voice. Through her songs are important messages about the world we live in. Her songs have given young girls around the world self confidence and courage to stand up for themselves. Beyoncé is more than just sex appeal and a pretty face. She’s an activist, a philanthropist, and an entrepreneur. Her music will continue to influence many people around the globe.

So why did so many people have a problem with her performing at the CMAs? Simply put, sheer hate. There’s no other way to put it. She’s performed at the MTv Awards, The BET awards, The People’s Choice Awards, The Kids Choice Awards, she’s spoken at numerous charity events, performed for the President twice, performed the National Anthem at the Super bowl, performed a half-time show at the Super bowl, and not one time did anyone say anything negative. Now, the time came for her to perform at the CMAs and everyone has so much to say. I was scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook one day and saw some of the most crude comments under the announcement that she was performing. I was perplexed by this because out of all the celebrities that have performed on the CMAs and who didn’t sing country music, she was the first to my knowledge to receive such harsh backlash.

I believe as a musician, you have to be open to appealing to multiple audiences and genres. This is exactly what Beyoncé was and has been doing. Even as an artist, she’s tapped into several different cultures of music and not once has he received such backlash. She’s done a little island/Caribbean music, gospel, rap, alternative, even dancehall. But, the very minute she’s asked to perform with the Dixie Chicks on the CMAs it’s a problem. No, I think that some people need to get a hold of their lives and realize that Beyoncé is more than just an artist. She is more than just black music. She is all music. She is world renowned.

Congratulations to Mrs. Beyoncé Knowles-Carter on the success on the CMAs


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