Bye Bye to Dry Hair

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I know everyone has been hearing that this product or that product makes your hair shiny and luxurious right? You’ve probably tried all of them. You’ve followed all the instructions, only to end up with no results and moving on to the next product. Well, I’m here to tell you that your search for that special product is over. The key to natural, shiny, luxurious hair is simple. You think I’m trying to be funny, don’t you? Well, I’m not. I’m serious. It’s simple. It’s so simple that most of these products, you use on a daily basis and don’t even realize it. Many of them are already in your home. Still not sure on what products to use? Well, below I’m going to give you several different products to choose from. Don’t be surprised at how many of them are right next to you. I’ve already given you fair warning 😄😄.

The first product is coconut oil. See, I told you. A product many of us already own. Why? Because many of us use coconut oil to cook with. Did you know that coconut oil can be used as a hair and skin moisturizer? Applying coconut oil to your hair act as a protectant from lice and other hair and scalp irritants. Applying coconut oil to your skin relieves eczema, calms rosacea, and leaves your skin soft and silky smooth. It doesn’t take much oil. Just part your hair and apply to your scalp and gently massage it in. A handful of oil to your skin can be applied in multiple places. For my expectant mothers out there, it’s also a good product to use to prevent stretch marks. Even if you already have them, it puts the elasticity back in your skin to smooth and even them out. Pretty cool right?

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If you are a tea consumer, then this next product is a no brainer. Still, don’t know? Well, let me give you a clue. It’s the main ingredient in nighttime baby wash and it’s a sleep aide. Starting to ring a bell, isn’t it? Well, if you guessed it, then good for you. If not, I’m going to tell you. It’s lavender. Yes, I said it. Lavender. This little oil has the ability to remove dandruff and dirt from the hair. How does it work? Simple. Apply it to the scalp and gently massage it through. After about an hour or so, wash your hair. You’ll notice how light your hair is and how refreshing your scalp will feel. 

Now, this next product is widely used in a number of products. From lotion, soap, face wash, even drinks, this product is sure to leave your skin and hair feeling like a million bucks. Alright, I went a little overboard, but seriously. This product is a miracle worker for people with damaged hair. Ready for the secret? Pssst…it’s aloe vera. Hope I didn’t ruin the surprise to quick😄. Aloe vera is very inexpensive. In fact, if your grandmother has a garden, it’s free. My grandmother has a garden and you know what plant is all over the place? That’s right, an aloe vera plant. As a matter of fact, this doesn’t even have to be an oil. Although it’d be pretty hard to turn aloe vera into an oil anyway. Not saying it can’t be done, I’m just not going to do it. How to use it? Simply break the leaf open. That clear gel that come out of it, put some in your hand and work it all over your hair. Yes, you will need to wash your hair afterwards, but the neat part is you can leave this product on overnight. If you have a small cut, burn or even a skin rash, rub aloe vera on them. It’s medicinal qualities are good for healing. It also heals without leaving any scars or marks. It’s as if whatever hurt you never happened. Bad acne? Aloe vera plant. Poison ivy contact? Aloe vera plant. Damaged or brittle hair? Aloe vera plant. See how cool this little number is? 

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My personal favorite is part of the nut family. Unfortunately, I’m allergic to most nuts, but not their products. This nut is found in candy, cakes, ice cream, or just plain roasted in a bag at your local grocery store. With this little number, there are all sorts of instructions on how to extract oil from it. No, it’s not peanuts, but nice try if you were thinking that. I’ll give you an A for effort. It’s almond oil. Different, right? Yes, I know. I said the same thing, until I started using it. This little number acts as a heat protectant. So, for all my flat iron, hot curling iron or even blow drying ladies, make sure you have this oil handy. It protects the hair from the harsh heat of those items and keeps the hair from being burned. It also protects your scalp from completely drying out after washing it. Most shampoos and conditioners are filled with harsh chemicals that strips the hair of it’s natural moisture, leaving your hair extremely dry. This is where almond oil comes in. It puts moisture back into the hair and stops your scalp from producing excessive oils to keep your hair moisturized. It creates and oil balance in the scalp. You only need a small amount of this oil and your hair will have a nice healthy shine. You can even add it to your shampoo if you want.

There are other natural prodcuts to use as well, such as shea butter and coco butter. These along with coconut oil are mostly found in solid form but can be melted down to a liquid form. Use them as a hair treatment after you’ve put chemicals in your hair. Mix them all together, let them sit and wash your hair.

There you have it. I have just exposed the world of natural hair care products and saved you tons of money. So the next time you think about running to the store to find a hair moisturizer, look around your bathroom, kitchen, or wherever you keep your body lotions and see if you have any of these products. If not, I think now would be a good time to start investing and saying bye bye to all those hair care products that don’t work.😘😘😘


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