Feet, The Forgotten Part


People often refer to them as “Moe and Joe”, or “Left and Right”, whatever you choose to call them, your feet are a vital part of your body. We are so obsessed with taking care of all other parts of the body, that no one ever talks about foot care. Science has proven that the tongue is the most disgusting part of the body, however, if science was looked at through the eyes of me, I’d say the fee it is the most disgusting part of the body. I mean think of all the things your feet can come in contact with. Granted they are protected by your socks and shoes sometimes, but I live in Florida. Socks and shoes are almost non-existent here. Flip flops and sandals are the trend here. Imagine stepping in dog poo, or someone’s spit on the concrete. If you have on flip flops or sandals, there’s no protection. You’re feet are as exposed as any other part of your body. This is all the more reason to talk about foot care and how to make sure they stay healthy.





Ladies, we all like to wear those cute little sandals or flip flops on a nice spring or summer day. We enjoy letting out toes breathe and showing off our latest toe nail polish. We also like drawing attention to that cute little waiter who works at your favorite coffee shop with our fresh manicured feet. Well, imagine if you weren’t able to do that because of improper foot care. This is an all too common thing. Your feet goes unnoticed then you end up with calluses or blisters and then you don’t want to wear anything that requires you to show your feet. It’s almost like you have to keep an emergency pair of socks in your purse or car. I’m here to tell you, ditch the socks. Trade your socks for some peppermint oil. Yes, I said peppermint oil. Many people think that peppermint should only be used in your mouth or around the house. I’ve got news for you! Peppermint oil is great for calluses. At night find your favorite pair of wooly socks, you can either put the peppermint oil in the sock, or put it on your feet, and sleep in them. In the morning, your feet will be as smooth as a baby’s bottom.


For my guys with the athlete’s foot or blisters, a combination of menthol and Aloe-vera makes a nice medicinal sock pack to help with that. Find your pair of favorite socks, apply the menthol and Aloe-vera mix to your feet and sleep in them. The menthol will have a cooling sensation, as it should and the Aloe-vera acts as a moisturizer. This kills odor and rids your feet and nails of the fungus. The Aloe-vera is very good for your nails because it removes the yellowing caused by the fungus. You can even at a touch of vitamin E to the mixture to give your nails strength to maintain a health nail bed. Ladies, this can also work for your too. Don’t be scared to try it. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


A little short on cash and can’t make it to the nail salon? Don’t worry, you can do it at home. Find a pot or glass bowl that you don’t plan to use anymore, fill it up with hot or warm water, and add Listerine. Doesn’t matter what color. Mix it up and soak your feet for about 15 to 20 minutes. If you require longer, I’d recommend no more than 30 minutes. You don’t want your feet to turn the color of the Listerine. Make sure you have a towel near by so you can dry your feet. Once you’re finished soaking, the dead skin on your heels will wipe right off. The strong properties in Listerine eat away at the dead skin and softens the heel to make it easier to wipe right off. Pretty neat huh.



For those of us that like to walk around the house bare-foot, I’m here to tell you that is a bad idea. While you may clean your house from top to bottom, walking around without any shoes or socks on can really be bad for the skin on the bottom of your feet. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen women and men with discolored skin on the bottom of their feet. This is due to walking around bare-foot. It can become a task to get that skin back to its normal color. No matter how much you soak or scrub, it may not come off. A lot of toxins can enter into our bodies from our feet. This is why it is important to keep your feet protected with house shoes, flip flops or even socks. Not only that, you ruin the inside of your shoes when you walk around bare-foot. Think about it, you walk around bare-foot all day. Yes, you may have just mopped your floors, but look at your feet at the end of the day. They will have a slight bit of black discoloration. This is from walking around bare-foot. It’s not because your house is dirty, it’s constantly walking around all day with no shoes on. This is what ultimately causes calluses on the feet.



While most article that talk about skin care won’t mention your feet, I’m here to do just that. Talk about the skin on your feet. Out feet are a vital part of our body. They must be shown the same amount of attention. Without our feet, we wouldn’t be able to do half the things we need to do. Without your feet, you wouldn’t be able to tell your best friend about the brand new color you’re trying that matches your hair. The next time you read an article about skin care and it doesn’t mention feet, just chalk it up to the fact that their scared to mention feet LOL! They may think it’s disgusting to do a whole article about how to take care of your feet. I say boo to them!! I like my feet and many of the men I’ve come across in my life do to!!


Until next time my loves…….. Keep Calm and Love Your Feet.




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