Generosity: The Modern Day Curse Word


You’re driving down the street listening to the latest hip hop CD by your favorite artist. You so happen to get stuck in a minor traffic jam or get stopped by a red light. Usually these are the times we take a moment to observe our surroundings. You notice the Dollar General store is advertising a sale on their two liter bottles of soda. You look in front of you and notice that gas is slowly rising. You look over to your left and see a homeless person standing on the corner with a sign that reads “Will work for food”. You look around and notice that traffic is at a complete stand still. You quickly grab your purse and search for some sort of change to spare to the man. You come up with 75 cents. You roll the window down and motion for the man to come over to you so you can give him the change. He takes it and thanks you for your generosity. You roll up your window and turn your music back up. You look over and see the same man now asking another lady for change who had just come out of the Dollar store. You see she shoos the man away, and by the look on her face, said some profane things to him. You shake your head and say a little prayer for him. Traffic finally starts to move and you drive off.




I’m starting to realize that for whatever reason, generosity is becoming a new curse word of today’s generation. Now granted some situations can make it difficult to be nice to people, but why make the whole world suffer for one person’s stupidity. In my life, I’ve been generous to people and they weren’t always thankful. Did it tick me off? Oh, you bet it did, however, I did not let that dictate how I treated the next person. Everyone is different and not everyone will be reluctant to appreciate your kindness. Granted you can’t help everyone, that’s understandable, however, it’s the thought that counts.


When I talk about generosity, I’m not just talking about money. I’m talking about holding the door open for someone when you see them coming behind you. I can’t tell you how much it really gets under my skin when someone looks behind them see you coming, and will keep right on walking in the store and not hold the door open. That’s very rude. I’m talking about when you’re at work and you’re trying to catch the elevator and someone is already on it and will not hold it open for you. I mean how hard is it to press the open button on the column to keep the doors open a little longer. It makes you want to treat people how they treat you. I know, I get it. I’ve been there. The best way to deal with people like this, is to still kill them with kindness.




In keep with the subject of generosity, I’m also referring to those who like to try to make a buck off of everything they have. There are tons of people in this world who could use the nice shoes and clothes you’re trying to sell or give to the Goodwill for them to sell. I know about all the hype on the commercials that convince you that selling your gently used clothes can be good for making cash on the side. While that may be true for some people, really ask yourself, whose coming to buy something you’ve worn already? Especially when they are capable of buying brand new items from the store. Instead of trying to make a buck off of it, ride up and down the street and see if you can find someone who is really in need of the clothes. Give it to them yourself. You never know how much of an impact you can make on someone’s life with that simple gesture. They may be trying to get a job and have no money to afford decent clothes for an interview.


There are many ways to be generous in this world. If people would stop having the mentality of since I helped such and such, I know my blessings are going to come. That is the wrong mentality to have. If you live your life in a positive light every day and do things according to God, you won’t have a problem getting blessed. Help people because it’s something you truly want to do. Don’t do it because you’re expecting something in return. I don’t mean to go all biblical and religious, however, if God did us this way, half of us wouldn’t have anything. Generosity is not a curse word. It doesn’t hurt to help others. Even if you have nothing materialistic to give, always remember the best things in life are free. Volunteer your time. I’m sure there are several organizations in your community that would greatly appreciate your time and effort.


Always know that there are several ways to extend your generosity. If someone asks you to pray for them or with them, do it. If someone needs to vent, listen. If someone just wants your company, accompany them. Most of the time being generous doesn’t cost a thing. Having compassion is just a simple change of attitude.


Until next time my loves…… Keep calm and remain generous




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